What Therapy Can Offer You:

Often in life we feel as if our voices are drowned out; rarely if ever do we find quiet time to evaluate our own thoughts and feelings. We live with depression, anxiety, broken relationships, often living out habits, patterns, and coping mechanisms that are unhealthy or simply do not exemplify the life we want to live. Naturally, we resist change, and there is some element of health in how a person seeks to stay the same, but the process of growth requires acknowledging this resistance. Therapy seeks to shed light on this resistance, and return our focus to living in the present, using the therapeutic relationship as part of the process. Counseling is a balance between support and challenge, according to the needs of your unique story. It’s an opportunity to gain self awareness and new insights outside of your community, where there may be little time to delve into deeper heart issues. My hope is that you will feel empowered and supported in your search for healing, restoration, purpose, and joy.

How We Will Get There:

Everything we encounter in life has the potential to influence us, and often we don’t take notice of the impact as we go along. When we start to feel numb or stale, it’s an indication that something in our lives is out of step. We will examine ways you have learned to cope with adversity in your environment, and how that impacts your current relationships, and view of self. We will apply many different methods which may include: relational dialogue, education, grounding or relaxation strategies, reframing negative thoughts, art or writing exercises, and communication techniques. Therapy requires your active involvement and openness to change.

At times, it can feel uncomfortable when working through influences and experiences that have had a deep, formative impact on your life. In the course of our time, I encourage you to bring up any concerns or changes in direction that may come up for you. My goal is for my clients to feel really heard, and to provide a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere where you can learn new tools of coping and communication, and gain a greater sense of who you were created to be. I believe in a collaborative approach, and may discuss with you other supportive services or resources I feel you may benefit from. There are no instant cures or formulas, but through therapy you can learn a new framework for looking at your life and problems. It all starts with sitting down, face to face, and being heard, really listened to.